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Top 5 Places to RP

5: Hydrone Labs (Holds a lot of Kipptech Memories)
4: Rata Sum: Outskirt areas (Dock and the Idea Incubation Lab)

3.Lions Arch: Beach Bar
2. A few waterfall areas in Sparkfly/Timberline
1.: Pretty much anywhere though admittedly, RP is RP to me.

Follow Up Report from Vyxxine’s Notification: 

This is Security Member Borril, I am reporting on the current situation of vines that have been constantly spreading as of recently, and to give out warnings.

It has been proven, since the travels into Dry Top, and the recent destruction of the towns Concordia in Timberline and Fort Salma in Kessex. We are obviously dealing with much worse than what we iniatally realized.

Please proceed with extreme caution any areas infested with these vines, and beware of the various plant-based monsters that have been threatening said towns.

It should be said we should try to increase our own security around our areas, our lab is near Dry Top, and may be attacked as well. Study and extermination seem to be key at this point.

End Broadcast

☱ (DH or GW2! :D)

(Gonna do my  DH character, they have yet to meet,  so a minor introduction may be rather fun :D and I have been extremely slow to respond, I am so sorry)

One of the new recruits to the group, the Assassin known as Scammer, had apparently not completed packing his bags, a pile of clothing, some supplies, and various other paraphernalia were scattered about the bed. What may have caught Raisaris eye was a data slate, 

Emblazoned with the dual headed Impereal Eagle, it seemed rather official in her eyes, but activating it, it seemed to be a simple journal log.

The most recent entry seemed to have been recorded only a few hours ago, before he had boarded the ship.


<Log>: Date (????) 

*A hologram showed up of Scammers face, the relatively plain mans expression one of vague annoyance, running a hand through his hair, he begins to speak.”

"Scammer here, en route to reassignment, haven’t got to see much active duty since a few months back, I’m looking toward getting into some new work. A new Inquisitor to work under.after a few years.

*”Looks like Dice is being transferred with me as well, that will be an extreme joy to work with her again.”

His tone is a bit sarcastic, but a small smile seems to curl around his lip*

"It looks like their group is rather established, hopefully I will be able to integrate into their group, and not be considered too much of a liability." 

"I shall add more news as I see what they are capable, and am able to actually get some established ideas of the group." 

*He reaches to the Data Slate, and turns it off*



Vyxxine would have seen a journal left upon the ground in her lab. Tattered, damaged, and looking like it went through several stages of damage before finally coming to rest here

Looking it over, she would have found Borrils name imprinted on the back of the cover, alongside a date of approximately five years ago

Flipping through pages, at a point she would have finally reached more recent entries, with a rather large portion dedicated to poetry or speaking about his wife or children.

Finally an entry that would have caught her eye was found.

Vyxxine, mother to Aestetics, and one of the leaders of the Krewe I have recently joined. I know he doesn’t trust her, but…I see no reason to not yet.

I have spoken with her once or twice, and at times she can be rather…overblown, per say, her emotions getting the better of her, at least when regarding her son Aestetics, but since then I have seen her having a rather calm and collected mindset. Clean and efficient, she tends to be very professional with those she works with.

I do sort of wonder though, too many times I have seen Aesterics balk at even considering speaking to her, but I don’t really see any issues with her, she seems for the most part like a very kind woman, maybe not the best mother, but I believe everyone should deserve a bit of a second chance with their families.

Perhaps in the future we will speak more, but she seems rather the distant type. It may be useful to assist in some medical work, I want to learn more about healing and be…well, more useful in my eyes.

☱ "A journal?" Saamid grins. "I haven't found one of these in a while."

(This one was a long time coming, I’ve been rather stressed and school though, so sorry for time, but here ya go)

Borrils Journal sat upon the floor within Saamids reach, instead of an audio log Borril on occasion would create, this was a rather…simplistic example. It was a leather bound book, looking weather beaten and a bit tattered. On the spine was a Priory symbol etched into it.

As he opened it, he would have found it dating back to approximately five years ago, when he joined the Priory, the entries were usually short and simple, usually only shown every few seasons. It wasn’t until the past year approximately that journal entries would have been showing up by any form of regularity.

One of the most recent entries would have caught Saamids eye. Peering to it he would have read this.

I visited Yimyeta today in Vyxxines lab, she had been barely conscious for the past two days, kept under by the various drugs she kept her on. I was curious to see how she had been feeling today.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to run into Saamid there, I haven’t spoken with the Asura much, but from reputation and what I had gathered from Yimyeta’s conversations and interactions regarding him, it doesn’t seem like the two of them are very separable.

While I am not sure about him, Yimyeta has been extremely protective of him. She lost so many these days, I cannot fault her for wanting to keep a person she finds kinship out of harm’s way.

Of him myself, I cannot say as much as I’d like, I’d like to pride myself at being good with people, I tend to be good at being a judge of character. He isn’t a pleasant person from what I have seen…but not an intrinsically bad one. Yes, he is Inquest, yes, I do have my misgivings with Inquest. Based on what I have seen though, I believe he isn’t going to do anything…too dangerous to my old friend, he shows concern, her shows caring, more than what he seems to show in general really. I do not think I can be considered a friend to him, but it may be nice to get to know him better.

…It reminds me of happier times for Yimyeta, when she would smile more, when she would crack jokes and get into fights with Charr for the sake of it. I am happy to see that side of her again. I cannot help but feel a bit of annoyance, perhaps, she is still treating me as a child, but it is good to see a small glimpse of the old Yimyeta.

(And since I have been a while in writing this, I’ll add a short addition)

Tennks Log: 83rd of Phoenix, 1327

Travelled to lions Arch for drink and sustenance.

Ran into another Inquest member, Saamid, Doctor.

Rather intoxicated, intelligent, flirty. (Nice butt)

Potential for collaboration, will contact in near future.

His companion wasn’t that bad either, if a bit shy (nice butt too)

…I need to drink less, Alchemy..

Hello, oh great Mordremoth, best Elder Dragon I've ever laid eyes on! We sylvari have never met our father. Is it you? Are you our dad?