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Questionare you in a relationship, what is your romantic orientation, what is your sexual one Answer

1,) No, I am not
2.) Typically I tend to lean toward a bit Demiromantic, or just kind of shy in general. I feel at least, I tend to be a bit standoffish toward people, until I get a bit closer, it takes me time to warm up to people, but then I can be pretty friendly and/or romantic.  (I think it learns more toward shy honestly though,I tend to just be really nervous if I don’t know people heh)

3,) Likely, Heterosexual, It’s silly to say, I find myself more physically attracted to females than males, it’s probably one of those times I’d say perhaps I wouldn’t mind, if the person clicks. 





take a screenshot of your desktop
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Okay, so I chose 5 mutuals that I spot on my activity page, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want. But it’s fun and sates my curiosity to see a bit more of you great folks…

mine shuffles through gw2 screensavers im boring go away.
i also never delete screenshots.
and I tag fieryrush, svyyet, duskbourne, raivaryn and uhh balderdashing GO

It’s not as pretentious as it looks I swear

I just like to Tenno while I alt-J alright I LIKE SPACE

loooska billysquirrel mastergeniuskrazza houndthisfox littletchotchkes if you guys want idk

I have this background for two reasons. One, it’s more energy efficient due to mostly black pixels. Two, I’m a raging narcissist.

also ye tagging yimyeta borril thesadkeanu circlingnugget and aleyannadenton

Kinda default, but I think it’s pretty.

For the people I put on the spotlight...Bubblesdadragon , Ximinator , Pixelwut , Soundless Synergy , and Eldritchseacrab

QuestionTrick or treat! Answer

Borril blinks as he opens up the door, the  human and her adopted progeny standing at the door.

He intstinctively looks up to smile toward her, but then immediately remembers, “OH, Right!” he said, dropping a large handful of candies into Nikkis candy bucket.

"Happy Halloween Aleyanna, how do you fare? Same to you Nikki, how scary you look."

Rolled two 1s for the next two people on my Ask bar, so I wanted to just post this out. I also just wanted to toss this out. Trying to doodle a bit more, not always but if anybody wanted me to doodle a character or try something, feel free to reblog or message me or whatever, I can’t promise quick or good, but practice!

QuestionTrick or treat! Answer

 A recognized voice this time…Borril had begun to come out at the rather monotone tone of Krazza.

"What do you want Kra-" he stops before he stumbles forward, flailing awkwardly as he almost falls directly onto the other Asura. 

As he stumbles, he…finds his lips hitting against something…soft.

…He had kissed Krazza on the cheek.

Pulling back, his eyes bludge out, “OH-AG-SORRRY!”

Question"Trick or treat!" ((Forgot if I sent an ask XD if so, ignore me!)) Answer

Borril opens the door, slowly and somewhat unsteadily. He didn’t leave a sign or anything out, did he?

For a moment he takes a step out, but then feels an odd draft hitting his knees.

Where did his pants go?!

QuestionTrick or Treat! Answer


Bleh for quality, but quick 15 minute sketch of the progeny in their Halloween getups.

QuestionTrick or Treat! Answer


Technic rubs his face as he seemed to be getting an influx of people coming to his workshop in demand of candy, or suffering the trickery of the consequences! Technic moved back over towards his little bowl and scooped up a handful once again. Though he seemed surprised as he made his way down the ramp, spotting Borril and a pair of Progeny in his wake. He couldn’t quite figure out who or what the two were dressed up as, but he assumed they were some sort of.. creature, or some important Asura historical figure.

Technic crouched in front of the trio, splitting the handful of candy between the two bags for the progeny. “Well, don’t you two look adorable, huh? .. or were you going for ferocious? .. Well, you two look exactly what you were going for.” He nods.

Borril chuckled, his helmet covering his face as he held one progeny in his arms, the other walking behind him. The held one dressed up in what looked like a mining helmet and overalls, she clutched a large black stone in her hands as she stared up toward the Sylvari, “…F-f-for the Moletariat!” she said, though the voice came out more in a whimpering tone than a happy cry.

The second one was wearing what looked more like just fur, “RAWR!” she shouted out, “Like a mental di-“

Borril reached down to stop the childs speaking before she could continue to blurt out her line.

"But yes, happy Mad Kings Festival!" he said happily.